How to Answer the Grid-In Response on the AP Biology Test

How to Answer the Grid-In Response on the AP Biology Test

Grid-In Style Question

The 2013 AP Biology Exam features many new question styles.  Of particular interest is the grid-in style format.

Below you can find information for completing the new grid-in style question on the AP Biology Exam. For the grid-in items, write in the appropriate number,  using decimals and other symbols as appropriate.  Units are not required for these items. The new exam will feature 6 questions of this style.  Each grid-in question is worth one point.


ClearBiology provides a diagram with instructions for completing the grid-in question on the AP Biology Exam.


You can find more tools for review in my new article:  AP Biology 2013 Biology Exam Review.

Get Ready for the new AP Biology Test with


For grid in practice questions, check out my Grid-In Practice Worksheet

AP Biology Grid-In Practice Worksheet



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  1. Thank you so much for posting this wealth of knowledge on the web because it has almost single-handedly wiped out my fears about the new AP test this May. This world needs more people like you looking out for the students 🙂

    • You’re very welcome, and thank you for the comment! When I first saw the grid-in I had several questions. I figured students would as well. It’s very cool to hear that this information helped you.

  2. I find it very helpful. Thank you


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