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Big Idea 4 Word Cloud

The word cloud in Figure 4 offers a graphical representation of the most frequently occurring words from Big Idea 4.  There is a positive correlation between word size and the number of times the term appears in the text.  The word color is arbitrary.

The most relevant terms from Big Idea 4



The following tables list the relative frequencies of important terms and phrases used in Big Idea 4.  Text in parenthesis indicate variations that existed between similar phrases


Table 4

Two-Word Phrases of Interest from Big Idea 4

Table 4.2

Frequency Table of Relevant Science Terms from Big Idea 4

Table 4.3

Large Phrases of Interest from Big Idea 4

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  1. Jeremy, this is fabulous. Thank you for doing this. I couldn’t find the 4.1 table, there were two copies of 4.2.

    • Thank you for the feedback. I’m glad you caught that table error. Table 4 should now display correctly.


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